The orthepedic mattress

The mattresses were developed in cooperation with orthopedical surgeons to ensure the right posture for the spinal column, the skeleton and the muscles. This developement is also based on the modern technology in science of the human body.

With the help of digital technology and motion studies the position of the whole body can be analysed.

This enables:

• The exact data of the spinal column –and the skeleton positioning.
• The ascertainment of the ideal position for the spinal column.
• The developement of products with the best supporting power to  relieve the spinal column and to bring it in the right direction.
To measure the pressure of a human body on a mattress an advanced medical device is used with over 16000 sensors.

This allows:

• To measure the pressure of a human body on a mattress and to analyse the given results
• To eliminate the area with the highest pressure which otherwise would cause unnecessary turning in bed and sleeping disorders.


Research and Developement

• Worlds number one in investments for research and developement.
• Worlds number one in case of patents which covers the bedding area.
• An excellent team of 15 highly proffessional engineers, which all together have an experience of over 250 years.
How important is it to have the right mattress?
Do you start the day with energy or are you more uptight and with a pain in your back?
Do your hands fall asleep or are your legs sometimes feeling numb?
Yes, the right mattress can eliminate such feelings and is critical for the quality of your sleep.
After all we spend 1 / 3 of our lives on a mattress. With a right mattress you can prevent sleeping disorders.

Which one is the right one?

Do not be satisfied with a standard solution when you are about getting a new one. Every body is different and thats why your new mattress should be as individual as the human body is. The new sleeping system, your new mattress, must be matched to your own comfort.

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