Our Company was founded by Albert Krings and Martha Maraite in 1961.
The furniture store expanded in 1963, 1966 and in 1969.
In 1973 the showroom floor reached it's peak of 50.000 sqare feet.About 50 years ago, on 03/25/1961, the company Krings-Maraite was founded. At this time there were no showrooms available so the furniture was displayed at the „Hünninger Saal - Johanns  Terren“
In 1963 a two story furniture store with the size of 4736 sq ft was constructed beside the home of the Krings-Maraite family which was already built in 1956. In 1966 and 1969 a two story store was added to the original one in the sizes of 5381sq ft and 7534 sq ft. In 1971 the store was again extended with 10763 sq ft because the space was still not adequate. In the last great building phase in 1973 a basement was added with 23680 sq ft. In 10 years time, the Krings-Maraite family extended their Showroom from 4736 sq ft up to 53819 sq ft.
On the 22 of July in 1979 the whole store and the house of the family burned down to the ground. Only the vehicle fleet survived the fire.

Nevertheless, the Krings-Maraite family did not lose their courage and started immediately to rebuild the store.

The doors of the new store were open for its customer in just 9 months time after the fire. This time the store should be bigger than before. Over 3000 visitors celebrated the reopening of the new store with about 64583 sq ft.

In 1989 a storage with 21527 sq ft was built that would allow the family to use the old storage room inside the mainbuilding as a new showcase for their customers.